Uniform Report: Louisville Vs Florida State

Week 3 is here and it’s the first home game of the season. It’s a red out, but it won’t be all red everything for UofL. That’s reserved for senior day. So, for the opening home contest against the Florida State Seminoles, the Cards will don a black-red-black combo.

✔️ Black Helmet

✔️ Red Jersey

✔️ Black Pants

The helmet appears to be the same black helmet from last season. The jerseys are red with white letters and numerals outlined in black. The pants are solid black with a red Cardinal head outline on the right hip. All accessories are colored black.

The last time UofL wore these colors was the home opener last season. They won that game 42-35 over UCF. Before that, they wore them in a victory over WKU in 2020. The Cards are hoping these uniforms continue to bring victories to them. We will find out Friday night at Cardinal Stadium if they still have magic in them.

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