Uniform Report: Louisville Vs Boston College

Week 5 has arrived. The Cards are 2-2 and are heading on the road to face a depleted Boston College squad. Louisville will be donning the white helmet, white jersey, and red pants.

✔️ White Helmet

✔️ White Jersey

✔️ Red Pants

What some might call the more traditional road uniform look, this combo is a what UofL wore on the road back in the day. The white helmet with the red face mask, white jersey with the red letters and numbers, and the red pants.

Last season, UofL beat Boston College 28-14. It was a rainy affair as it seems may be the case this weekend. While Malik Cunningham struggled throwing the football, he did a ton of damage on the ground with 133 yards on 16 rushes and 3 rushing TDs. Trevion Cooley chipped 112 yards and Jalen Mitchell added 67 yards and scored the only other TD.

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