Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast Episode #179: We Played Football; Celebration ft Ibn Green, Chris Redman & Danny Mosby

On this episode of the CSZ Podcast, coming to you live from the NEW Collision Course Crew Tailgate Studios, Jeremy is joined in studio by Shawn and via restream by 3 very esteemed and very special guests. Those guests are Cardinal Football legends Chris Redman, Danny Mosby, and the man who will soon have his jersey honored, Ibn Green.

This episode features Jeremy, Ibn, Chris, and Danny reminiscing about the awesome times they had as part of their hometown program and explaining why Ibn Green earned the honor to have his jersey number be recognized as one of the program’s greats. They talk about when AJ will be up? We also have Louisville Football prospect Man Robinson on to congratulate Ibn. Also, Jeremy and Shawn recap the big win over conference foe Georgia Tech, preview the upcoming Murray State game, and even talk just a tad bit about basketball. It’s a definite can’t miss episode for any Louisville fan.

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