Jeremy Wahman

 Jeremy Wahman

Jeremy Wahman

Kyle Kuric Career Points Counter: 979 Final


We Can Do It!!!!!!!

Tourney Time

Troy Jackson AKA ESCALADE (January 11, 1976 – February 20, 2011)

Big East or Big 12?

Who’s Next?

What’s Going on?

Imma Need CardNation to do Better


Coaching Trail

Russ Smith?????

What the Rivalry Means to Me


My First Blog

5 Replies to “Jeremy Wahman”

  1. Thats pretty cool. I loved the Redman years some of my first memories of being a card fan. I am 19 and now I go to UofL which is a dream come true. i dont play any sports but absolutely go to every game i can. Great site and keep it up,

  2. Thanks a lot! We really appreciate your support……feel free to shoot us any ideas you may have to better the site.

  3. Great job with the site, and perfect first post!! Wish you the best with this Jeremy and will be on here constantly to support… (heckle) you guys!! J.K.

    The Big BOO-BOWSKI

    1. my guy! i know it hurt a little for you to do this with you being a fan of the other team but i really appreciate it baby bro!

  4. Whats up man thanks for using my saying and giving me a shout out but there are alot of UK fans at my job killing me cause they have seen your blogs and seen my name and they all running it towards me like i wrote it thanks for that big bro love ya!!!!!

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