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You Don’t Want These Cards (Basketball Remix teaser)

B Simm

By Justin Renck:

By now, you have probably heard “You Don’t Want These Cards” by B Simm. It was the football anthem all season at UofL home games. Now there is a basketball version! The video is just a teaser. Below are the links for the full version on itunes. Go Cards!

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“You Don’t Want These Cards”- Official Music Video by B Simm!

Here it is! The highly anticipated debut of the music video for “You Don’t Want These Cards” by B Simm. You can hear this song being played at UofL home football games!

Video features Previous UofL players Nate Johnson and Mario Urrutia. Also, a special thanks goes out to Elle Raiser, SAE, Sam Beast and Antonio Pantoja with Eye Candy Films. T-Shirts, and exclusive B Simm music are available on

B SIMM – Coming to America Mixtape is releasing on Election day 11-6-12

B Simm can be followed @

Music Video

2012 Official Louisville Football Anthem- “You Don’t Want These Cards”

Brandon Simmons, known as “B Simm”, is a hip-hop artist from Louisville, KY. He was featured in Young Nitt’s “R U Ready” in 2006, he created “R U Ready 2” and “Clik Clak”. This is the song that will be played during warm-ups and also possibly at kickoff for the 2012 season.

His Twitter handle is @OfficialBsimm

His Facebook page is

The song was produced by Sam Beast. His Facebook page is and his Twitter handle is 


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