Early look at 2014-15 Louisville Cardinals



It is obvious that our team will look much different next year. Losing such key components like Russ, Luke, Montrezl, and SVT will do that to a team. Pitino expects Montrezl to enter the NBA Draft, and I don’t think that will come as a surprise to any of us. Here is a look at what next year’s roster will probably look like. (After typing out the roster and actually looking at it, that whole “looking much different” part is a huge understatement, wow.)


Chris Jones   5’10   SR

Terry Rozier   6’1   SO

Anton Gill   6’4   SO

Dillon Avare   5’11   SO

David Levitch   6’3   SO

Quentin Snider   6’1   FR


Wayne Blackshear   6’5   SR

Akoy Agau   6’8   SO

Shaqquan Aaron   6’7   FR

Jaylen Johnson   6’8   FR


Mangok Mathiang   6’10   SO

Chinanu Onuaku   6’10   FR

Matz Stockman   7’2   FR

Anas Osama Mahmoud   7’1   FR


About Justin Renck

I am 29 years old, born and raised in Louisville. Graduated from UofL in 2008. Go Cards! Follow me on twitter @JustinRenck

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