Welcome to the Cardinal Sports Zone! We will provide you with news for all UofL sports, as well as schedules and results from all of the games. Here is a quick rundown of what to look for on the site: 

Schedules and standings will be up to date, so keep up with any sport you are interested in.

Recruiting: Our guy Steve is on top of the UofL recruiting scene. There have been multiple times on twitter where other sites or bloggers tweet about a commit or someone visiting UofL. Then if you scroll down your TL, Steve had already said it earlier. Not saying he is always first to report, but pretty close to it! This will be a great section to keep up with UofL Basketball and Football recruiting, and any other major recruiting news from other sports.

Our Blogs: Come by and visit our personal blogs to get more of our opinions. We will post official previews and recaps for you on the main page, but our blog pages are reserved for our opinions. You may agree or disagree (we can even disagree between the 3 of us) but that is what the comment section is for. Leave your comment and let’s have a discussion.

Cardinal Rewind: Maybe the thing on this site that makes us the most unique. This section will have interviews with former Cardinal greats. Could be basketball, football, women’s basketball, or any other sport. If they wore the Cardinal uniform, they are a possibility. We will catch up with these former players to see what they are up to now, and we will bring you all the info in this section.

Videos: We will post some UofL videos from time to time. Most likely youtube clips of highlights or just anything interesting.

So be sure to sign in and follow the blog. We hope you enjoy! You can follow us on twitter and facebook also (see to the right). Go Cards!

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