Denny Crum contest; and more tidbits

If you haven’t already, check out our Denny Crum contest by clicking on the “Denny Crum” tab at the top of the page. We are looking for his #1 fan! Whoever wins the contest will get to be a guest on the Joe B. and Denny radio show. The response has been unbelievable so far, but you still have time to enter. The deadline has been set for February 3rd. So check it out!

*Senior Year- Tomorrow we will unveil our first participant in our new “Senior Year” segment. For those that don’t know, this will be our new piece where we get to stay updated with a UofL commit. We are working on getting both football and basketball players, if they are committed to UofL of course, to participate in this. The player will write a weekly blog for our site. It will probably be about their upcoming game, or the game they just played. They will have a lot of freedom in this area, so no kind of format is final yet. At some point tomorrow, we will reveal our first confirmed “Senior Year” participant!

*Recruit Interview- Also tomorrow, we will post another CSZ exclusive interview with a recruit. This one will be with a 2013 basketball recruit that is interested in the Cards. Be sure to catch that one as well!


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