2013 Basketball Recruit Malik Price-Martin talks with CSZ

Malik Price-Martin


Malik Price-Martin

6’8  187 lbs.

Class of 2013

Hometown: Miami Gardens, FL

School: Monsignor Edward Pace High School

Position: PF

AAU Team: Florida Rams


Malik Price-Martin is one the most versatile big men in the country and has made himself quite a name. Price-Martin was recently named to the U16 USA team and if you take a few minutes to see some of his game film, you will know why. Malik has been on UofL’s radar for a couple years now and has ties with the University. Malik plays high school basketball at Monsignor Pace High School in Miami, FL. If that name sounds familiar, that is the program that current Basketball Director of Operations Mark Lieberman came from. So what does Price-Martin feel about the UofL program and where is he in his recruitment process? He answers these questions and more in this interview.

CSZ: Where do you stand in your recruitment? What are your favorite schools?

Malik: I’m pretty open right now. There is no favorite.

CSZ: What are you looking for in a school to make you commit?

Malik: Location, playing time, and education.

CSZ: How do you feel about the University of Louisville?

Malik: I like Louisville a lot. I like the style of play, the campus, the Yum! Center is great, and the coaches are great.

CSZ: What are your main goals and things you need to improve on before going to college?

Malik: I think I need to get bigger and work on my perimeter skills.

CSZ: What do you bring to a program? What can you contribute?

Malik: I’m a big man that can step out and shoot or take my man off the dribble, and I can still work in the post.

CSZ: Do you have a time table to make a decision?

Malik: I really don’t have one.

CSZ: What are the team goals and what do you expect?

Malik: I think my team is young but we are getting better and we should be in the state game.

CSZ: Do you have a good relationship with Coach Lieberman and does that help UofL’s chances?

Malik: I have a great relationship with Coach Lieberman and yes it really helps a lot.

CSZ: Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us and good luck this season.

Malik: No problem, and thanks.

CSZ: Be sure to check out highlights of Malik on our 2013 recruiting page!


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