Cardinal Rewind: Angel McCoughtry

Angel McCoughtry

Angel McCoughtry broke all kinds of records in her time at UofL, and also led the Cardinals to a National Championship apperance in her senior season. Since her time at UofL, the women’s program has been a contender on the national level. Coach Walz has been able to bring in some big time recruits, and a big part of that is because of the time that Angel wore a Cardinal uniform and put this program on the map. Angel went on to become the #1 draft pick in the WNBA for the Atlanta Dream, and has led them to back to back WNBA Finals, coming up just short in both.
CSZ team member Jeremy was able to catch up with Angel and ask her some questions, and here is what he got, enjoy!
CSZ: What made you choose to play your college ball at Louisville?
Angel: When I came to visit Louisville, the women’s team wasn’t very good but I loved the family atmosphere when I got there. It was just a feeling I got in my heart, like God was telling me this is where you belong.
CSZ: How was Coach Walz and staff; what did they teach you about the game?
Angel: I was so excited when Coach Walz came because I knew of his style being at the University of Maryland where I was from. I felt like this was a fresh start and a new beginning for the program because in the prior 2 years I had been there, people were just waiting for us to do something. Coach Walz taught me how to be a woman first and how to carry myself off the court and my total game changed on the court.
CSZ: What was it like to have a packed house of Cardinal fans rooting you on?
Angel: My freshman year we averaged 1,000 fans in a 19,000 seat arena. It looked like 50 people were there. I remember asking Jazz Covington “Where are the fans?” And she said “This is it!” I remember saying to myself “This needs to change.” The day we sold out the game was like all my prayers had been answered. It was like a dream come true. Look at how far we came! But it was also to pave the way for the younger girls behind us.
CSZ: What memory stands out the most to you about your time at Louisville?
Angel: The memory that stands out most is making it to the Final 4 as an underdog…need i say more?!
CSZ: What do you think about the current team, think they’re poised for a big year?
Angel: I think this year is gonna be an awesome year. Coach Walz is building his legacy as a coach and recruiting! He will be the next Geno (Auriemma).

CSZ: What was your overall favorite thing about the University of Louisville?

Angel: My favorite thing was living the college life, going to class, living on my own for the first time, going to parties..mainly growing into a woman.

CSZ: You are considered one of the best women’s basketball players in UofL history. How does that feel?

Angel: I just want to be considered as one of the best, but not classified as a woman. An athlete is an athlete no matter the gender.
CSZ: If you could say one thing to CardNation, what would it be?
Angel: I would say thank you for all the support and everyone believing in us. The team will be established for generations now because of you. The legacy lives on.
CSZ: Thanks for your time Angel, good luck and God bless.
For those that are wondering, Angel is currently playing in Turkey, and also has couple of singles out called “Baby I’m a Star” and “Illusion”. You can purchase the songs on iTunes. Here is the link for “Baby I’m a Star.”

Here is the official music video for “Baby I’m a Star”
And the video for “Illusion”

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