Cardinal Rewind: Brian Kiser

Brian Kiser
Brian Kiser played for the Cardinals from 1992-1996. He is one of the best 3 point shooters in the school’s history. He ranks 2nd all time (behind Dwayne Morton 46.1%) in 3 point percentage in a career at 43%. Brian talked to CSZ about his days at UofL, and what he is up to now. 
CSZ: What have you been doing since your days at UofL? 
Brian: I graduated from UofL, began serving on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and got married all in the same week. My wife Wendy and I now have 8 children…4 boys and 4 girls. I’m trying to teach them that you can cheer for both UofL and UK, but their mother seems to convince them otherwise. 
CSZ: What is your favorite game or memory as a Card on the court? Also, what is the worst?
Brian: Greatest memory for me personally was obviously hitting the game winning shot against UCLA in 1996. Probably most meaningful about that moment to me was having former coach John Wooden there watching the game. The worst moment for me was losing my final collegiate game against Tim Duncan and Wake Forest in 1996. 
CSZ: How did your recruitment go? What made you choose UofL?
Brian: Coach Crum first saw me after my senior season at UofL at the Ky All-Star tryouts. He visited my home a few weeks later and offered a scholarship. I had no other “big” schools recruiting me, so it was a no-brainer for me. 
CSZ: What are your thoughts and feelings about Coach Denny Crum?
Brian: Coach Crum was an excellent teacher and coach. He is not a screamer. He is “Cool Hand Luke”. If you get the job done in practice, you will have the opportunity to get it done in games. We were always confident that his experience would give us an advantage in a close game. 
CSZ: You always included a bible verse when you would autograph something for fans. What would inspire those particular verses for those days?
Brian: Usually it was a verse that would in some way communicate the gospel, that Christ died for sins and rose again. If fans meet me, get my autograph, then forget me, they have not really missed anything. However, if fans meet Jesus, understand the gospel, and forget Him, they have lost the reason for which they were created. 
CSZ: Do you still talk to any of your former teammates?
Brian: I did at the Legends Day! We mainly keep up with each other through Facebook. 
CSZ: What players did you look up to growing up?
Brian: Being from eastern Kentucky, I grew up a Wildcat fan. My heros were Kyle Macy, Kenny Walker, and Rex Chapman. 
CSZ: Talk about your time with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Brian: Serving with FCA for almost 10 years was wonderful! The staff was excellent and I had the privilege of serving junior high and high schools in the south and west ends of Louisville and surrounding counties. The word “influence” best summarized the FCA ministry. God gives each Christian athlete a certain amount of influence to be used not to bring glory to ourselves, but to the One who deserves all glory. 
CSZ: Thanks for your time Brian. If there is anything you could say to the fans of Card Nation, what would that be?
Brian: Thanks for being fans that don’t “boo” players. I’ve seen that other places and it always made me thankful to be a Louisville Cardinal. Basketball is what it is….a game….meant to be played and enjoyed. 
Here is a video clip of Brian’s favorite moment as a Card. Playing at #15 UCLA and trailing 76-75 with 17 seconds left, DeJuan Wheat finds Brian…

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