Updated basketball recruiting pages!

It is a very busy time in the world of basketball recruiting. If you try to keep up with it, you will hear so many different names and schools, it may be overwhelming. This is why we give you the list of who the Cards have as their top priorities, so you don’t have to keep up with everyone.

Listed below are the links to our updated 2013 and 2014 pages. We have listed the players, along with their rankings from Scout, Rivals, and ESPN. We also have videos for almost every player.

Keep in mind that on Monday evening, our recruiting expert, Steve, will release a more detailed blog to catch you up even more with the recruiting scene. He will tell you a little about the players, who he thinks the Cards have the best chances at getting, and who his personal favorites are. So that will be a good one to look out for! Until then, check these out!





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