Jeremy Wahman: CardNation help my little cousins win a contest!

     The Contest

Heres the pic you vote for! Hawaii

     click on Hawaii to vote for my cousins

     Normally I would never use my personal site to promote anything but I feel a great injustice is being done. A week ago my baby cousins, Hannah and Kaylee, asked me to help them get votes for a contest. At first I wasn’t sure how much I could help but I told them I would give it a try. I found out I could get a vote at any wifi hotspot and then I set out to get votes. Spent my entire week after work getting votes and thought everything was going good. I went to sleep at 2am friday night with a 40 point lead. We were up 301-261 and I was happy I could help. That’s when the dirty work happened. At 8am I woke up stunned to find out we were down 411-320….we haven’t recovered since. Every time we get 2 votes or catch up he drops 30 out of nowhere. Like I said I normally wouldn’t use this space as a personal area but it’s my space so….lol. I love these girls with all my heart and don’t wanna let them down. Here’s the message I sent out to all my friends on facebook and hopefully you guys will vote and pass the word along because the contest ends Wednesday and I have no free time to help seeing that I have website stuff to do after work this week. Thanks in advance for your help. The girls certainly appreciates you CardNation…lets go to work. PS-this guy that’s cheating these little girls is a Duke fan..Lets Go!


This is what the link looks like

Hey I’m trying to help my little cousins win this contest. It ends Wednesday August 15th at midnight and they are behind a lot so im asking my facebook friends to help. Go to Click on the ipad contest icon on the bottom right side and when the choices come up, select Hawaii. that will be them. You can vote on your home pc and your cell phone as long as it doesn’t run off your home wifi. If it does run off your home wifi simply disable your wifi on your phone,vote then re-enable it. Also if you go out with your ipad, iphone or ipod touch and clear off your cookies and history you can vote again at any Mcdonalds, Wendys, Arbys, Panera, Home Depot, Lowes or Culvers and probably more. Thanks for your help and if you ever need my help I’m there! Thanks!


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