Battle for the Governor’s Cup: Eric Wood/Lavell Boyd

All this week, we will be bringing you exclusive write-ups from former UofL football players about the rivalry with UK. We have asked them just their general thoughts about the rivalry, and some mention their best and worst memories. We hope you enjoy these! Go Cards!

Up next in our series, we hear from both Eric Wood and Lavell Boyd! We still have a few longer write-ups to post before the game, so we figured we would just combine these two! Enjoy!

Eric Wood:

The UofL UK rivalry is one of the best in sports. It is talked about throughout the year by both fan bases and serious bragging rights are at stake. I was introduced to this rivalry in 2004 and have had strong emotional ties to it ever since. My favorite UofL UK game I played in was in ’06 when we dominated them at home.

I’m excited to watch the game Sunday and will be pulling hard for the Cards. I believe that we have a lot more talent, but sometimes that goes out the window in a rivalry game. My prediction for the game is a UofL win 24-10.

Lavell Boyd:  

I’m very excited to see the game!!! Coach Strong has done a great job of gathering talent. I am most excited to see our home-grown talent with DeVante Parker and Brandon Dunn. It seems like no matter what, it’s always the homegrown guys to show up biggest in this game. I have Louisville winning big. Go Cards!!!!

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