Battle for the Governor’s Cup: Dave Ragone

All this week, we have been bringing you exclusive write-ups from former UofL football players about the rivalry with UK. We have asked them just their general thoughts about the rivalry, and some mention their best and worst memories. We hope you enjoy these! Go Cards!

Today in our series, we bring you thoughts from former UofL QB Dave Ragone!

In my opinion, there is no game on the schedule that means anymore or will have a bigger impact on one’s season than this game.  Knowing that the winner will have the confidence to move on with their non-conference schedule and the loser going home searching for answers on why and how.  The other mental factor that resides within this game is the winner will be able to promote their program for the next 364 days to fans and potential recruits within the state.  The loser will need to find a way to let this game go and move on, which is easier said than done…see 2002, my senior year and how that upset derailed us for a good portion of that season. 

This is what makes this game so great, because you cannot afford to come into this game with a lax mental or physical state because the consequences of this loss last for a full year.

My best memory:  my 2 wins as the starting QB in 2000 and 2001

My worst memory would be when Tim Couch christened our new stadium by putting on and a show and in 2002 where Dewayne Robertson and Jermey Caudill imprinted their cleats on my chest every other play.

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