What if?

By: Jeremy Wahman

What If?

What if? One of the world’s most insightful and at the same time troublesome questions. It can be realistic, or defy all logic. It can get your hopes up or it can let you down. What if? What if UL played UK’s schedule? Would UK be undefeated like most of their fanbase thinks? What if UL succumbed to the pressure and didn’t play in the Fiesta Bowl? Would we still be on the same path? What if Kerry Rhodes hadn’t dropped that pick against Miami, and what if big play William Gay doesn’t jump offsides..hmm. What if Coach Petrino had never left? What if Coach Krags never failed? What if Coach Strong never crowd surfed? What if we were in the Big 12?

As Cardinal fans we have had to endure a lot of what if’ moments. One thing is certain, we are in really good hands with Athletic Director Tom Jurich and Coach Charlie Strong. We can only play the schedule or “Cards” we have been dealt. (sorry) As long as we take things into our own hands and worry about what we can control, there should be no what if’s. What if we had played harder? Just play harder. What if our Defense forced more turnovers..Just force more turnovers. What if the stadium was sold out every week and we could get better out of conference games? Sell the stadium out. We have so much control over any potential what if’s that we shouldn’t say what if this year…we should just do it. Point blank. We are 6-0 half way through the season…What if we go undefeated? What if we lose every remaining game? See how loaded the question is?  Point is it was meant to be for the things to happen that happened. As UL fans we should pride ourselves to never live in the past. This season is shaping up to be a special season as is next season. Let’s savor it while we are in the moment.

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