What are Rutgers Fans saying about tonight’s game?

Tonight the Cards and Rutgers will face off at 7:30 pm on ESPN for the Big East Championship and a BCS Bowl birth. We know how excited #CardNation is but what are the Rutgers faithful saying about tonight’s game??

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We will not let Louisville fans celebrate at our bars tonight! Reply

We need to beat them handily tonight to get them off their high of going to the ACC. Rutgers fans celebrated a big win in Arkansas, and the b1g news in Cincinnati. Louisville fans should not be taking over our bars tonight.
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Good luck tonight (from an ND fan) Reply

I (unfortunately) have to live in Louisville and am sick of hearing about their crappy school (which is located in the middle of the ghetto in beautiful downtown Louisville)The delusional hicks I work with were convinced they could beat Alabama anytime, anywhere after they started the season 9-0 (including wins over mighty Missouri State, Florida International, Kentucky and Southern Miss….yes…they played Missouri State.)Sad.

This was of course until they had their a** handed to them by Syracuse. They also lost to UCONN after having 2 weeks to prepare for the game.



Again, VERY, VERY sad.

Needless to say, all those hillbillies who said they belonged in the BCS title game quickly became very quiet and turned their conversation to their basketball team.

Anyway, if Rutgers plays they way they are capable of, there is no reason this game should be close. I’m hoping you guys win by at least 21 points tonight and get ready for your trip to the Orange Bowl.

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Re: Pat Forde – Mr Consistent Reply

The best statement Rutgers can make to these type of articles is to beat Louisville tonight with everything on the line for both teams.

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Re: Posted already BUT BE EARLY and LOUD. Reply

There was something special about that game six years ago, an electric atmosphere that circled around what was then known as Rutgers Stadium. The place filled up quickly when the gates opened that night, including the temporary bleachers put in behind the open end of the horseshoe design. That part of the end zone is filled in now, part of the stadium expansion that was inspired by that historic upset over Louisville. The crowd seemed to will Rutgers to a win.

The fans need to do the same thing tonight.


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Re: Not my sign, but found it clever … Reply


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I think our D carries us again with out-of-their-skulls performances, including two picks when Bridgewater has to start chucking and ducking when we stuff their run game and they fall behind. One INT goes to the house (Ryan). Huggins’ legs fall off when he hits 150 yards at the end of the 3rd Q. Nova has room and time to throw some sweet passes and we score on the ground and in the air. The Ville score late in a lucky play, but it’s Rutgers on top at the cannon, 24-17.

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