Louisville’s BCS scenarios

Orange Bowl   Sugar Bowl

By Justin Renck:

This is a great “problem” to have. Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl? Those are the 2 most likely destinations for the Louisville Cardinals after last night’s incredible win at Rutgers. And of all teams to decide where we probably end up, it will be Kent State. The same Kent State team that lost to Kentucky 47-14! That was their only loss of the season, and now their game tonight against Northern Illinois will determine where the Cards end up. Let me explain…

Kent St. is 17th in the BCS standings right now. If they finish in the top 16, and ahead of a conference champion from an automatic qualifying conference, they HAVE to go to a BCS game. Well, they will be ahead of Louisville, and likely in the top 16 if they beat 21st ranked Northern Illinois.

The Sugar Bowl gets to choose a team before the Orange Bowl does. If their choices are Louisville and Kent State??? They are almost guaranteed to take Louisville, which would put Kent State in the Orange Bowl. If Kent State loses tonight, then the Orange Bowl is the likely spot for us. Again, what a “problem” to have, right?

So who would we play?

If it’s the Sugar Bowl, it is likely Florida, who sits at #4 in the BCS standings. Alabama is #2 and Georgia is #3, and they play Saturday. The loser likely falls behind Florida. But what if Alabama loses in a very tight game? Do they just swap places and end up #3? That is also possible, but unlikely.

If it’s the Orange Bowl, it is most likely Florida State. They face Georgia Tech in the ACC title game, and should win that. Anything could happen, but it is right there for the ‘Noles to win. That would be an interesting matchup considering that Florida State was very instrumental in getting Louisville into the ACC.

Hopefully that doesn’t confuse you. Maybe it clears up any questions you had. I always wish it wasn’t a whole month from the end of the season to the BCS games, but for us I think it is obvious we can use that time to get healthy!

Go Cards!


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