Certainly Uncertain…By Jeremy Wahman

Certainly uncertain

By Jeremy Wahman


I tried to wait as long as i could to write anything about this situation and finally I just couldn’t any longer. Before we go into the rumors about Coach Strong let’s get some facts out-of-the-way. Coach Strong has said “I’m not cut like that” “I have a job, why would I look for one” and “I will let you know when the time is right”. At this point Coach Strong has done nothing wrong. How many of you all trust your spouses? Do you ask them everyday if they have cheated on you? What would they do if you asked them everyday? they would get p’d off and say some things out of character. You don’t ask people questions about their loyalty if they have given you no reason. He just got agitated. I truly believe this is what has happened. I’m certain of it….well kinda.

I can also tell you that according to my sources from within the program that until about 3pm today they had been told he’s going nowhere. I can also tell you that my sources from outside the program have went back and forth the past 24 hrs+. I don’t just report rumors. I’M not cut like that. I talk to members of A.D., members of thecoaching staff,alumni close to the team and boosters. nothing but facts. I digress. I think it comes down to this, Only Charlie knows. Rumors of secret plane trips and bidding wars sound far-fetched. Know this tho, what’s not far-fetched is that Mr Jurich sais several days ago that he would match any offer and that if Coach left it would be because he didn’t wanna be here. In Jurich I trust so if Coach stays or leaves, we will be just fine.

Mondays press conference was one of the most odd surreal things I have ever been a part of. As I was in the press Conference I didn’t think anything of what Coach said or did. people reporting he wasnt wearing UL gear even tho he had on a grey UL pullover. People stating he was comparing us to BBN in a bad way when he wasnt. I understood what he meant and being there live I can say nobody else seemed offended either. but Twitter took over and made it into this 48 hours of purgatory.

Also keep in mind guys that Wednesday and Thursdays are when contracts can be offered and announced, when Coach said he would announce when the time was right, this could have been what he was eluding to. I don’t know. What I do know is until he says he is leaving we need to stand strong behind him and be CardStrong….no pun intended…ok maybe a little..no…yes. With that being said we need to give coach a break and support him no matter what. Of course we are sensitive because of how traveling John L and suitcase Bobby left….we have every right to be, but let’s not run off a great Coach. In the event that he does leave lets not be nasty and give other coaches a reason not to come here. Lets also have 100% faith that Mr. Tom Jurich will make a HR hire. Well i will talk to you later peeps, UT is on the phone about a job….lol


P.S. The answers to all the DM’s you sent had already been answered in my story….

Update: I turned down the UT job..lol

Update #2: Charlie did too!

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