NBA star’s Brother playing in the Yum Center Saturday?


By Steven Rummage:

The Atlanta Hawks Kyle Korver AKA Ashton Kutcher (Middle) will not be in the Yum Center tomorrow but a member of his family will. Kyles brother Kirk Korver (Right)  plays for the UMKC Kangaroos and averages 9 pts, 3 reb. While those numbers may not blow you away Kirk is actually a pretty wise man, So here is some Words of wisdom with Kirk Korver

Kirk KorverKirk Korver ‏@KirkKorver

Im not big on social media etiquette but i feel like its not a good look to like your own instagram pictures? Probably why u put it up…

Kirk KorverKirk Korver ‏@KirkKorver

Duke coaches just gave out some serious dap to each other after that win

Kirk KorverKirk Korver ‏@KirkKorver

My sleep quality goes significantly up when the temperature in my room goes down

Kirk KorverKirk Korver ‏@KirkKorver

People dont realize open shots are the hardest ones. Too much time to think

Kirk KorverKirk Korver ‏@KirkKorver

830 am practice and thanksgiving dinner in a hotel tomorrow. Im not that greatful right meow. Haha kidding. But seriously

Ohh and there’s this:

That is all………. Go Cards

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