What are Florida fans are saying about Teddy?

NCAA Football: Louisville at West Virginia


A few days ago on the UF 247 site Gatorbait.net Thomas Goldkamp posted an articled entitled “Teddy Bridgewater will test the Gators”. Here are the responses and warning folks if you were ok with  moral victory Jan 2nd, you wont be after reading this:

said no one ever…

The second string D would test Teddy Bridgewater

we will test how much pain Teddy can take

Test us in water polo?


Teddy B aint seen a D like he gone face his whole life….we aint uconn

Neurologists will be testing Teddy after this game.

Not worried

If our D is focused no one can test us


If he’s this gimpy now, I don’t know how healthy he’ll be in just a few weeks. He looked beat up out there a’la Leftwich but he wasn’t facing an elite team.

I’m fairly certain if our D can stop Manziel, they can stop him.

Kid is good, but hasn’t been tested even remotely close to what he’s about to see.

The UF defense done ate its oats. Wake up Louisville – you about to see something you never seen before!

Teddy will do just like EJ Mauel and discover what the #1 Defense in the country means.Front seven will bring the pressure and our DB’s will cover.LONG evening for Teddy.cool

Bless your heart TG, trying to stir up some drama with this bowl game is going to be a tough sell. Maybe you should do an article about Jeff Driskel testing Louvuls defense? How about what can Coach Muschamp do to get his boys up for another MAC team? Motivation is going to be the toughest test for our team in The Sugar Bowl Presented by All State Vizio Jarred’s Fine Jewelry?

Teddy has averaged 0.6 yards per rush this year. He really needs a pocket to be successful and our defense probably isn’t; going to let him have one.

Meanwhile, Louisville is 53rd in rushing defense, which isn’t that bad, but they haven’t faced any good rushing teams.

In summation: Louisville is f’ed.

Needless to say GatorNation doesnt think much of the Cards or our QB. I guess we will see January 2nd. See you in New Orleans Gators. (See the whole post here: http://florida.247sports.com/Board/14/Teddy-Bridgewater-will-test-Gators-14732082/1 )

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  1. Really? Fans talking smack on the interwebz?!? Say it aint so. That NEVER happens. Louisville fans never talk trash? Really? Welcome to 1998, stiz502–that’s what people DO on fan message boards. This is idiotic..

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