Memphis is ready for Saturday


By: Steven Rummage

This Saturday the Cards will travel to Memphis, Tennessee to play the Tigers. And to say Memphis is hyped may be an understatement. It is apparent that Memphis still looks at Louisville as their BIGGEST rival and their obsession with the Cards can at times be creepy but hey what are old rivals for 🙂

SF Adonis Thomas is so ready for Saturday he is not even going to sleep!! But according to the whopping 9 points he put up against the Cards last year I say “Get some rest Adonis, and when Saturday comes these two will be waiting”


Apparently these are the Shirts Memphis fans will wear Saturday

And don’t worry Coach Pitino or “Petino” as he is apparently known in Memphis won’t be spared either.

First College of Charleston now Memphis!! Does this now mean we are becoming everyone’s “Super Bowl”? Ah what a great time to be a Cardinal!

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