Gator fans still talking smack!

Florida fan

By Justin Renck:

I posted something like this about a week ago with Florida fans running their mouth (or keyboards) about the Cards and the Sugar Bowl. So I had to check back and see what they were saying now. Yep, still disrespecting!

Posted: 12/15/2012 10:32 AM

RE: Louisville 

I just dont like some of your fanbase trying to run your coach off one day…after he called out your basketball fanbase for not attending football games like a winning program deserves, then crying when Tennessee comes along to hire him away. I LOVE Charlie Strong and wish him the best…but I feel sorry for him being such a good coach stuck at a basketball school. Your fanbase will never appreciate what they have as a whole.
Posted: 12/15/2012 7:55 PM

RE: Louisville 

— thisbirdhasteeth wrote:

Yes, lord forbid us Louisville fans have excitement and belief in our team in a big game. We should be ashamed of ourselves.


And god forbid us for laughing our a**es off at you on our boards because we know UF is going to smash Loserville’s ballz into the dirt…

Posted: 12/17/2012 4:42 PM

RE: Louisville 

When did you guys start playing football? Aren’t you one of the seven leaving because of basketball?

This one is from an Oklahoma fan!

Posted: 12/17/2012 9:50 PM

Re: Louisville 

Now y’all know how we felt when we drew Uconn in the Fiesta. Nothing to win. Pointless talking smack to people that know their team sucks.
Posted: 12/17/2012 10:36 PM

not necessarily sooner… 

Its a showcase for the Gators in prime recruiting territory of New Orleans, LA.  UF dismantling Miami Northwestern standout Teddy Bridgewater furthers recruiting inroads into South Florida.
Posted: 12/17/2012 12:45 AM

Hey Louis ville Bird guys 

We don’t give a fuch.Our coach don’t, our players don’t, and our fans certainly don’t.If we win, it’s cause you suck so bad. If we lose, it’s cause we didn’t try.

Go tell Kentucky how bada** youse is. We’re pi**ed you aren’t Oklahoma or Oregon.

Plus, the Sugar Bowl is for losers. We should turn this crap down.

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