Latest Bracketology has the Cards as a 3 seed

By Justin Renck:

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi released his latest edition of Bracketology on Friday, and he has the Cards as a 3 seed in the East Region.

This particular bracket would put the Cards in Lexington for their first 2 games. If they would get through those games, they would then likely have to beat Indiana and Florida to reach the Final 4!

Of course this doesn’t mean a lot right now, but this shows how important each game is this season. Joe Lunardi is usually pretty spot on with his predictions. The Cards need to just win and improve their seed so they can try to avoid having to face arguably 2 of the top teams in the country just to get to the Final 4. In saying that, it sure would be nice to beat Florida again, wouldn’t it? 🙂



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