Notre Dame player look-alikes!

Digger Phelps

We haven’t done this kind of post in a while, but Notre Dame has some good look-alikes on their team! Some are better than others, but they are all pretty good! Enjoy!

Cameron Biedscheid (high school pic) and Christopher “Kid” Harris from “House Party

Cameron Biedscheid     House Party

Zach Auguste’s smile and The Joker

Zach Auguste     The Joker

Jerian Grant and Ben Gordon

Jerian Grant     Ben Gordon

Mike Broghammer and UK commit Derek Willis

Mike Broghammer     Derek Willis

Eric Atkins and former Card Taquan Dean

Eric Atkins     Taquan Dean

Garrick Sherman and Duke’s Ryan Kelley

Garrick Sherman     Ryan Kelley

This one was just too easy: Jack Cooley and Luke Harangody

Jack Cooley Luke Harangody

And finally…why was Rudy always so determined??? Easy, because Goonies NEVER SAY DIE!

Rudy     Sean Astin


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