Visiting the Oregon message boards: their fans aren’t happy!


Had to take a little trip to some Oregon message boards. Apparently, they aren’t to happy with some UofL fans “overlooking” them. Here is the link to the actual board, but I posted some of the finer quotes below. Here ya go!

Topic- I was looking at the Louisville board

“There isnt really too much mention of us, just who is gonna be the tougher matchup for them Duke or Mich St. I saw one prediction of them by 14. I really hope their players are overlooking just like the fanbase is.”

“Yeah their Scout board is completely dismissing us, expecting a 20-point win and looking ahead to the Elite Eight and Final Four. Time to surprise these boys and shock the world.”

“Let ’em talk that smack about how they’ll perform when they face a ‘real’ team. Let ’em overlook our fire. Let ’em think they got it easy…Then let ’em get turned inside out by the hottest team in the land- MIGHTY OREGON, BABY!!!”doubleshake

“Their Scout board is reaching critical levels of arrogance. Many of them admitting they’re overlooking this matchup completely and they’ll win by 30 without breaking a sweat. Then went and invaded Educk. Nice crowd. Reminds me of Suckeye fans.”

“Yeah it’s getting bad, I havent seen one positive thing said about our team. Im actually im happy im not gonna be at the game, I can tell i wouldnt wana deal with these a-holes.”

“OH come on Suck, I got two extra ticket’s, wouldn’t you like to be there after we win, and laugh at their arrogance. It’s quite funny they think they’ll just be in for a walk in the park, Bullitten Board material is always good for your Team if your the one’s being disrespected, and you know these Duck’s could care less what anybody’s saying, cause these young men know they can play with the Big Boy’s. They have to match up with us too, so go ahead petino disrespect us while were heading to the ELITE 8 BABY.”

“I’ve been talking with them over on their board. The majority of them are complete di*ks. I’ve been pretty nice and cheeky, and they’re very arrogant and insulting. I know they have a number 1 seed….but I’m not impressed. DISMANTLE THEM.”

“Their Scout board is now saying they’d smash us in football too.  Jesus, even Suckeye/SEC fanbases aren’t this damn arrogant. ” huh


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