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By Justin Renck:

Here are some things that jump out at me about these stats:

*The Shockers have 11 players that average over 10 minutes per game. The 12th player still averages 8 minutes per game! No one averages 30 minutes per game. So do they even get worn out with all that rest?

*They have 3 players (Wessel, Wiggins, VanVleet) who are better than 40% 3 point shooters. They haven’t taken as many shots as the leading scorers, but obviously you can’t leave them open or they will make you pay. To compare, the Cards have 1 player in that category, and that is Kevin Ware. So there’s that.

*We talk about how good of defense that the Cards play. UofL holds their opponents to 39.2% shooting. Wichita State has held opponents to 39.3%.

*The Shockers started their season 15-1, the lone loss coming at Tennessee 69-60. They only have 2 double-digit losses all season: 68-55 to Indiana State and 91-79 at Creighton.

*They have made 40 more 3 pointers than the Cards so far this season, shooting 34% to UofL’s 32.8%.

*They hit the boards hard, averaging 38.4 rebounds and outrebounding their opponents by 8 per game. Louisville averages 37 and outrebound their opponents by 3.7.

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