Since Derrick Rose tore his ACL


By:Steven Rummage

As most know I Steven Rummage am an avid Chicago Bulls fan. I have family that lives in Chicago and always watched the Bulls and the great Michael Jordan growing up. The Bulls went through some hard times but when they won the Lottery in 2008 and selected hometown boy Derrick Rose all hope had been restored. Rose had led the Bulls back to the top seed and looked as though an NBA Title could come in the near future, but then the unthinkable happened: Rose tore his ACL.


As I watched and seen the Bulls hope go down the drain I told most thats ok if the Bulls stay in contention next year he will be back by playoff time! Well fast forward to playoff time the Bulls are down and guess what NO DERRICK ROSE!! Surely something went wrong with his rehab right!? Ohh no folks he was cleared a month ago!! What!? Well in honor of Derrick Rose attempting to crush my dreams lets look at events that have happened “Since Derrick Rose tore his ACL”

On April 28th the day of the injury “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye was the number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100

There have been 2 yes i repeat 2 Derby winners: Ill Have Another (2012) & Orb (2013)

ill have another Kentucky Derby Horse Racing

A man has literally jumped from Outer Space to the ground


Manny Pacquiao was knocked out and quite possibly may still be out.

A FRESHMAN won the Heisman Trophy


Manti Teo was CatFished


THE REDS CHOKED AWAY ANOTHER PLAYOFF SERIES TO THE GIANTS!!! (Sorry this one strikes a nerve with me)

Russell Wilson throw an INT and got credit for a TD!

They approved a College Football Playoff (Come on Derrick)


The Cards spanked SEC Powerhouse Florida to win the 2013 Sugar Bowl

Ohh and did I mention the Cards also Won the NCAA Basketball National Championship (Yea Derrick some of us like Winning)

Justin Renck @JrVille25 Tore his ACL, rehabbed, and ran a 5K!!


These are just some of the events that have happened since Derrick Rose tore his ACL, just a small fraction, but hey at this rate I will just add the rest of them when I write the part 2 NEXT YEAR!!

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