Not surprised if Senorise Perry doesn’t play this season

Senorise Perry

I have thought this all along, and now that the season is getting closer, it seems to be a real possibility: I won’t be surprised at all if Senorise Perry does not play this season for the Cards. That doesn’t mean he won’t be ready to. But by the time he will be 100%, it may be better to treat him like we did Dominique Brown last year. Just let him sit out and get all the way healthy without using him for just a few games.

He tore his ACL in November, and as we know, that is usually an injury that takes about a year to recover from. Of course there are exceptions. Adrian Peterson was back and better than ever in about 8 months, and Derrick Rose will be back in about 8 years, so everyone is different!

In Andrea Adelson’s blog today on, she writes that Coach Strong is not sure if Perry will be ready for the season opener on September 1. I just think with our stable of running backs, it won’t be necessary to risk the health of Perry too early. Dominique Brown looks to be better than ever going into this season. Corvin Lamb is a solid running back as well, and Brandon Radcliff is a name you need to remember going into this season. I believe that those 3 can carry us this season.


Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown

Then by the time Perry is healthy and ready to go, we will have an established running attack, and we can save a 100% Perry for next season. A lot of people kept wanting Dominique Brown to come back last year when he was ready, but there was no reason to. Perry, Jeremy Wright, and Lamb filled the void, and the Cards did not have to ruin a full redshirt season for Brown.

I just will not be surprised at all if the same thing happens with Perry this year. And if these 3 running backs can carry us to another BCS victory, it will be well worth it once again.

Go Cards!


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