LSU commit talks to CSZ. Interested in Louisville?

Sharieff Rhaheed

Sharieff Rhaheed is a 6’3 210 lb linebacker from Fort Pierce, Florida and is currently committed to LSU. He recently visited UofL, and some think that he may now be interested in the Cards. He also holds offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, USC, Ole Miss, Michigan State, Penn State, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, and many more!

CSZ: What did you like about Louisville on your recent visit?

Rhaheed: I like that it’s a family atmosphere. Coach Strong is cool and he would do anything for the team. I like every coach that I talked to. Going into the ACC is big time.

CSZ: Can you compare it to LSU?

Rhaheed: LSU’s coaches treat it more like a business instead of family.

CSZ: What have the LSU coaches told you about you still looking around at other schools?

Rhaheed: They said they love me but they don’t mind if I look at other schools because they want to prove that LSU is best for me.

CSZ: How close are you and Rashawn Shaw (recent UofL commit, high school teammates)? Does his commitment have any impact on you?

Rhaheed: We go back to the 8th grade. We compete at everything. And it impacts me a lot!

Rashawn Shaw
Rashawn Shaw

CSZ: Is he trying to recruit you to join him at UofL? If so, how?

Rhaheed: He is just hyping it up and saying we are still going to play together.

CSZ: Any timetable on when you will decide if you are staying with LSU or going somewhere else?

Rhaheed: No

CSZ: What will your final decision come down to?

Rhaheed: Comfort, playing time, and winning.

CSZ: What does it mean to have so many players from Florida on Louisville’s roster?

Rhaheed: I like it, but I can’t explain it. The best I can say is it’s a Florida thing.


CSZ: Speaking of Florida, did you watch last season’s Sugar Bowl when the Cards beat the Gators 33-23? If so, what did you think?

Rhaheed: I watched it. Terell Floyd is from my area so he was the talk of the week and I think that it helped put Louisville on the map.

*Video from HSReplays*

CSZ: Do you have any other visits planned this summer?

Rhaheed: Arkansas, Alabama, Ole Miss

CSZ: Who are a couple of players that you look up to and try to model your game after?

Rhaheed: Aldon Smith (SF 49ers) and Barkevious Mingo (Cleveland Browns).

CSZ: We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. Good luck with your decision!

Rhaheed: Ok thanks!

Here is his highlight video from last year!

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