Freshman Terrence Ross has torn ACL

It is nearly impossible for a team to make it through an entire football camp and not have any injuries. The Cards learned of a big one yesterday to a talented freshman. Safety Terrence Ross posted this picture on his Instagram account, confirming that he has a torn ACL.

Terrence Ross

Ross is 6’1 186 lbs from Apopka, Florida. As a senior in high school, he played in the FACA (Florida Athletic Coaches Association) North-South All Star game. He was named MVP of the North team in that game. (Richard Benjamin, another incoming UofL freshman, was MVP of the South)

We wish Ross a speedy recovery.

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  1. This is my son terrence ross he is a hard player and he never gives up, he my give out but he thinks about all it took to get him to where he is today and there is no turning back for, ,his shut down was set him up for such a time like this, hw is truly blessed and as his Mother Theresa Butts I WOULD NOT HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY.I LOVE YOU SON ALWAYS KEEP GOD FIRST HE GOT YOU WHEN KNOW ONE ELSE DONT’S. IF GOD BE FOR WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU.KEEP SMILING @ KEEP YOUR HEAD UP.

    1. He’s a great player that will get 100% and be a force for us. More importantly he seems ike a great kid and that’s your doing. That’s a great thing.

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