Louisville Basketball Schedule: Piece Of Cake?


Well if you are a Louisville Cardinal fan the talk of the past 24 hours from the majority of bbn has not been surprising. Before I begin I want to make this statement: I have friends and family that are uk fans, went there, and played there. It is because of them that I have never once mentioned them negatively in any of my work. That’s going to be tarnished a bit today. Where do I begin? Oh yeah, our schedule…

Ok the following statements I’m making are for the 99% out there that aren’t my friends and aren’t rational. The S.E.C. is a great football conference, no doubt. That does not transfer over to your basketball programs. Auburn, Vandy, Alabama, Mississippi, Miss State, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas are awful. It’s just Kentucky and Florida.

Next, why are you guys acting like it was just announced we are in the American? This has been known for a long time. Yesterday I saw ignorant statements like “Oh the champs won’t play anyone” and “guess those loserville guys are afraid”. We are in a weak conference for one year only, not every year. When we were in the #1 conference in America battling top 25 teams every week, you wouldn’t give us respect for that. Now we are in the SEC north and we don’t play anyone. We play UNC, uk, Memphis 2X and Cincy 2X. It just gets tiring listening to BBL, big blue logic, constantly tearing us down. Next season we enter what will be without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest Basketball Conference ever assembled, plus play uk and IU. What’s it gonna be then?

It will be something else surely. Also to the 300 people I saw yesterday telling people to not live in 2013 AKA the past, and then follow that up with 8-3, not very smart. We are not little brother as you are not big brother. We actually couldn’t care less what you guys do. Conversely all I am seeing on my social media is you guys tearing us down. Here’s an idea, worry about #1 recruiting classes that equal first game NIT losses. You guys have an amazing recruiter, the best money can buy. That should be your focus, not we are doing.

I’m sorry to the ones I love who support that team because the majority of fans make you all look uninformed and stupid. I have however sat here for almost 2 years without anything anti-uk being typed onto my blog. The truth is if that fan-base would ever give us any respect, this would never ever had to be written. Our schedule IS down this year, but it’s a great schedule transitioning from the Big East to the ACC. Plus uk fans, you act like we had a choice…we wanted to go straight to the ACC. Our schedule wasn’t our fault nor doing in either sport. Ok I think I’m done for now, had to get that off my chest. Anyone know where I can find something to cheer me up? A clip of Sosa at freedom Hall? I think that may do it!

Go Cards!

P.S. hope I didn’t upset my uk friends too much, I just had to unleash.



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