CardNation Speaks: The Finale (CSZ Version)


This week is the week we all have been waiting for……College Football. The feeling in the air, the sound of the big hits and the adrenaline rush from big plays are all things I have been anticipating since I left New Orleans. This week I sat down and thought to myself, do people want to see the same stories on all the blogs or do they want to see something different, their story? I started to email, text and DM some of the most knowledgeable members of CardNation I know. One by one they answered back and it made for some really good stories. Today I thought I would try something different for the series but yet the same really. People forget at times that some of the biggest fans of the University of Louisville are us, the members of CSZ. So to cap off the series we will bring you the thoughts Justin ( @JRVille25 ), Steve ( @Stiz_CSZ ), Paige ( @PaigeS_502 ), Daryl ( @Darylfoust4 ) and myself ( @Jeremy_CSZ ). We hope you have enjoyed this series as much as we have.

Thanks CardNation & Enjoy!

Go Cards!


Justin Renck

Obviously on gameday, the actual game is the main event. But other than that, tailgating is by far my favorite part of the gameday experience. It’s funny to think how far my friends and I have come with our tailgating scene. When I was in college, we would show up with a cooler over at the student tailgate at Old Cardinal Stadium. We just hoped to get lucky and find someone who would offer a burger or hot dog, but we sure had our drinks. As time went on, we brought a grill and a tent, and really had a nice little set up. And now we have a tailgate trailer that we bought and have fixed up over the last couple of years. We are still at the Old Stadium, but in a different parking lot now. So now we have food, drinks, music, cornhole, a tent, a trailer, and just an awesome time. I love playing “host” at our tailgates, and am definitely looking forward to this Sunday. I usually go overboard when grocery shopping for the next game, and I will get all kinds of food and drinks, just to make sure everyone there is going to have a good time. Hope to see some of you all at my spot!




Steven Rummage

So hype that football season is finally here!! I am looking most forward to
seeing Teddy start out what could be a Heisman Trophy winning season. There are
so many weapons on this team it should be great to watch! So Sunday you will
find me ritually reading the game day paper and running through the opposing
teams online media guides preparing for what should be the start to a very
special season!!



Paige S.

It’s been a LONG off season… It feels so good to be back!!

I cannot be more excited for this season as it’s my first as
a University of Louisville Alumni!! It’s going to be a different experience but
I’m excited to cheer on the team I’ve loved since birth (my first bib said, I’m
a little Cardinal) in the city I was born and raised and now, my Alma Mater!!

Gear up, CardNation, because this season we’re all in!!




daryl foust

I’ve been a season ticket holder since the Coach Strong Era began with the Cards.  What I look forward to the most come Sunday is looking across PJCS and seeing that the only empty seats are those of the band.  That’s because the band will form an ‘L’ at the north end of the stadium as Cardnation welcomes their Sugar Bowl Champions back to the Oven.  As the fireworks soar, the train horn sounds and the smoke fills the front of the inflatable tunnel, 100 plus men will exit the Schnellenberger Complex onto the newly constructed Field Turf.  I will effortlessly jump and yell at the top of my lungs while exchanging high fives with my fellow season ticket holding crew as we ring in another season.

(This picture is practically from my seat)





I think Sunday has different meanings for me than most. As a former player, I couldn’t wait for game week practice leading up to the walk-through then ultimately to the game itself. As a fan I love the fact that no matter where I turn around in the stadium I can find someone to give a high five to at anytime and I know it is coming from someone who loves the program as much as I do. I look forward to seeing the improvements and adjustments that they made to become a better team. I know how much these players love the game and I know they have been itching to get back to it. Mostly I can’t wait for Sunday because I love football. I love hanging with my friends all day. I have never been much of a tailgater because I don’t drink, but with Justin having his own tailgate I’m sure I can find ways to mingle without partying too hard. lol. Show me the way Obi Wan. I just can’t wait to hear the TRAAAAAAAAIIIINNNNNN HOOOOORRRRRRN ( @MasterDrewfus voice) and here “that’s good for another CARDS…FIRST….DOWN! (Sean Moth voice of course)

2013-01-02 15.54.27


Once again CardNation thank you so much for contributing to this series this week and just like all of you guys we are ready for football to kickoff as well!

Go Cards!


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