By The Numbers: UL/uk


OK well I am a big numbers guy when it comes to anything, sports included. I decided to break down the wins and losses, PPG, etc. for The Battle For The Governors Cup this Saturday at noon.

  • 11-14: This is the all-time series record going into this weekend. 4-6 at home for UL and 7-8 away
  • 565/682: These are the amount of points that UL/uk have scored in this series. An average of 22.6 ppg for UL and 27.2 ppg for uk. A mere 4.6 ppg differential which is even more impressive seeing that UL was shutout the first 6 times the two schools played between 1912-1924
  • 22.4/28.7: This represents the ppg when the game is held in Lexington with UL’s numbers being first and uk’s second, almost a full TD better points wise. UL is -3 ppg vs uk in Louisville
  • Record in September: There have been 15 out of the 25 games in the month of September with the overall record at 9-6. In Louisville the Cards outscore uk 32.2-27 in the month of September. In Lexington the Cards outscore the cats once again 29.3-25.7. The Cards scoring more points in Lexington vs the Cats in September
  • 2-1 Record vs uk since Coach Charlie Strong came to Louisville with a 72-54 advantage in points scored (24-18 avg)

Well I hope you have enjoyed my breakdown by the numbers for this game as I enjoyed bringing it to you. Lets hope that the Cards widen the September margin a little more and even this series up at 8 a piece overall in commonwealth stadium. Good luck to our young men and Go Cards!


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