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It’s uk game week and of course the anticipation is never greater than for the day when we get to play uk and have a shot to destroy them in any sport. The people in Vegas have this contest being fairly close with the line ranging between 13-15.5 points depending on which site you look at. Well they forgot to ask our opinion, lol. Had they asked they would realize that this contest is going to be no contest at all. I will admit, in the heat of the moment, walking back to the car after EKU, I felt like it would be much closer than I do now. Several things have changed since Saturday. For one I have had time to sort everything out. For two, I heard tons of kentucky fans state they were going to win by 7-10 points. They are a cute bunch. Well here are CSZ staff members predictions, enjoy!
Go Cards! (Click on more for predictions)

Justin Renck- 45-10 Teddy 325 Yards, 4TD

Steve Rummage- 45-17 Teddy 345 yards 4TD

Daryl Foust- 37-17 Teddy 366 yards 4 TD

Jeremy Wahman- 44-17 315 yards 3 TD and an increased presence in the running game


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