FIU Guy Talking Trash?


I for one think that point spreads do two things. 1) Make teams worry too much about covering them and 2) Make the underdog teams think and do crazy things. A team however who is 40+ point underdog has no business saying anything. Especially when they just got destroyed by a FCS team their prior game. Well good thing we are playing FIU because there is no way they would say anything stupid……

OK, I was wrong. A kid who has never played a snap of Division 1 or against a FCS team just said that. Tell me he didn’t just say that. I tried to pull up his official tweet but my buddy and Twitter user @ULhothot made the kid de-commit from Twitter. lol. Was he indeed talking about another sport as @ULhothot alluded to or was he speculating we would be on Wheel Of Fortune in the near future. Who knows? All I know is that you should never….ever poke the bear or the Teddy Bear.

Go Cards!

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