Challenge issued for Cards fans!

Cardinal Park
Cardinal Park

By Daryl Foust:

Attention THE Cardnation:

I am coming forth with a challenge to YOU! We saw the success in New Orleans, Atlanta, Jim Patterson, Cardpark, and Belknap. I have one question for you…. Are you Louligan???

Your nationally ranked futbol Cards have entered the AAC conference play for a single season until they head to what is widely considered the best conference in the ACC and state of the art Lynn Stadium beginning in 2014. The Louligan organization is challenging the best fans around to #packcardpark on Saturday October 12, 2013 against Rutgers at 7 PM (#cardnationchallenge). Forty-five minutes before kickoff, Louligans march to Card Park from 1st and Burnett. Kela Ivonye, head Louligan who organized the march, says of the Louligan role, “We are like the 12th man, we have to help intimidate our opponents with our crowd”. The organization offers to Cardnation, “were giving out t-shirts to those who join us in the march.” This march and your t-shirt signify your induction as a Louligan. In this honor, fans gain access to exclusive sections of the new stadium, information and offers on game days, and experience an unmatchable intense atmosphere of great competition, some of the best in the nation.

Sophomore midfielder, Marlon Hairston says about the impact of having a large rowdy environment at home, “Having a large crowd at home is huge for us!! We love the support we get from our fans and they help give us a great amount of energy. We continue to ask for the students and families to come out and support us each game and we will do our best to get the results.”

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