No Shave Till…….


In a way I’m hoping my beard doesn’t end up looking this long, but in a way I do. Let me back up for a second though. It all started at 8pm on February 9th. I was going to shave and decided I would just do it before I went to bed that night since I had to work early the next morning. I figured the game would be over about 11 then I could shower and then go to bed. I figured wrong. That was the infamous 5 OT game vs Notre Dame. The game ended up lasting till sometime after 1 a.m. I angrily shaved, showered, and then went to sleep. About two weeks later I went to shave again and realized that we hadn’t lost since I shaved. Crap. Superstitions, once realized, torture the souls of the former athletes who use to practice them faithfully everyday. So at that time I decided I wasn’t going to shave until we lost again in basketball. Two months and 3 days later I got to shave.

So imagine my horror once I realized two things this week. 1) The Red Sox had advanced to the ALCS and most importantly 2) The Football Cards were undefeated. That’s why this picture above popped in my head. Here’s why I am superstitious as far as Louisville Football is concerned. Last year I shaved, without thinking of the ramifications, and went to Steve’s house to watch the Syracuse game. One torn ACL and loss later I was a believer. That’s enough to make a superstitious person feel stronger about superstition.

Superstition In sports is a long standing tradition. The superstitions can range from Chris Bosh wearing the same socks every game to some players wearing the same undies (Yuck) to our very own Mr. Bridgewater and his Bazooka Bubble Gum in each sock. It’s really insane. But as long as you are winning you don’t care. So I will grow my beard proudly for the Red and Black of CardNation. If we just so happen to be undefeated in basketball in January after our Bowl game, then please pray for me for I will keep growing until we lose. And I have never wanted to look like a member of the duck dynasty…..God Bless and Go Cards!

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