Doss-Valley Homecoming Tonight: Why It’s Special And Will Be Fun


As a regular everyday person, time flies at an unprecedented rate after you get out of high school. Blink and you may miss a lot. For an athlete who plays in college and gets his degree and stays in the field of sports, it is that much faster. Tonight, at halftime of the Doss-Valley game, they will honor my Senior Year team which was without a doubt the best in school history. I know a lot of you are thinking that isn’t saying much since Doss has had only about 5 good years anyways total. Nevertheless, my Senior team won a then record 9 games, the first District Championship in the schools’ history, and held the highest state ranking in school history at #3 that still stands today. We never talked about individual stats, we played as brothers, as a team. I can’t wait to see my brothers tonight, but there is another reason I’m excited to go to the game tonight. They scheduled us to play Valley, who is led by University of Louisville recruit QB Robert Jones. I love football so you know this is a win-win for me tonight.


Robert Jones is a dual threat QB in the class of ’14 and is one of the most underrated QB’s in the state this year. Jones has already this season recorded 64-149 passing for 1086 yards and 10 TDS with 456 yards rushing and 9 TD’s. Jones, who will be a preferred walk-on if he chooses UL is ready for the challenge. When asked what his role will be on Louisville’s team, he stated “I don’t think I will have an immediate role because I’m a walk-on, but when I gain some weight and learn the offense I think I will compete for the spot.” When I talked to him about people’s perceptions since he’s not as highly ranked as he should be and that they see walk-on next to his name, he stated “I say don’t underestimate me for being a walk-on.” I have a feeling if he is the Cards to lose since he told me he had been a member of CardNation his whole life. Robert’s top 3 schools at this time are UL, WKU, uk. You can follow him on Twitter at @Robert_Jones10

Go Cards!

Go Cards! (P.S. #55 looks solid in this pic! lol)

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