New Traffic Plan For UCF


OK it wasn’t this bad getting home form the game Thursday night after the Rutgers game for most. If you were tailgating in the Boy Scout lots though, it sure did feel like it. We spent an hour sitting in line just to get onto Central, it was a mess. Well this week there has been some talks and a new traffic plan has been released. The following is from King Kenny Klein…..sorry I always call him King.


Traffic Pattern Alterations Made for Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — To improve traffic flow into parking areas near Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, adjustments will go into effect beginning with the University of Louisville’s football game against UCF on Friday, Oct. 18.

Card March, where fans greet the UofL team when it walks from its busses to the stadium, will occur at approximately 5:45 p.m.  Following Card March, traffic on Floyd Street will become three lanes of one-way traffic only, south bound from Warnock Street to Boxley Avenue.

Only traffic going to Bronze, Platinum and pay football lots will proceed south on Floyd Street past Warnock Street.  Parking passes to the bronze and platinum lots must be displayed before approaching Floyd Street at Warnock.  Vehicles using pay lots across Floyd Street from the stadium must access those areas from the north and use the designated far left lane.

Officers will be in place to enforce restrictions and aid the flow of traffic.  Once barricades are established at the intersection of Floyd and Central Avenue, only vehicles with Bronze or Platinum S Parking passes are allowed on Central Avenue west.

The exit traffic plan for Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium will remain the same.

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