Repost February 6, 2012: CardNation Needs To Do Better

This is a story I wrote right after the Belk Bowl but right before our Final Four run of 2012. You would have thought I wrote it Saturday morning. I hope you guys who I’m talking about realize how you are acting and make the necessary changes so that we don’t become people whom we despise. Enjoy CardNation needs To Do Better…

CardNation Needs To Do Better

For some people CardNation is just a catchy little saying, or a way to hashtag a twitter comment or just words on a screen. For me, I am proud to be a member of CardNation. As a former student-athlete there ,as a fan and as a person who loves this program unconditionally what is now happening with CardNation is eating me inside. Its time to call out CardNation and I never wanted to do that. But here we go…

The one thing about CardNation, even way before we started calling ourselves that , was that we were classy, didn’t let the little things bother us and we didn’t respond to ignorance. That was one thing we had over the other schools that have crazy fan bases….we didn’t resort to their behavior. I have heard excuses like “They do it to us” and “well I feel like im backing down” and those things are what makes us look like the idiots in other fanbases. Lets take the number one example of a dedicated crazy fan base, the University Of Kentucky.

For the record, in this article I’m talking about the 95% of Kentucky fans who are this way because I have several friends who are not crazy when it comes to this, but not many. One thing I can give the crazies tho is that they have always been the same. Louisville wins, they trash us,Louisville loses they trash us and if Louisville breathes wrong on somebody they trash us. But they never change. I’m a little older than Justin and Steve but this is how things were when I was growing up too. The scary thing is that I’m starting to see us shift that way and I don’t like it one bit. When I was growing up never even wanted to utter their name let along, let along taunt them because ULRA were up by 3 at the half, that’s what they would do to us. But that’s what makes them who they are. Now we are going in that direction.

You can ask any of my personal friends, you will never see a disparaging word about uk in anything I Facebook,Twitter,text or talk to them about because I hated being treated like that. I wanna be clear that Kentucky fans (the 95%)  aren’t the only ones who act like this. Most WVU,Miami FB ,Oklahoma FB and Cincy fans are the same. I only mentioned Kentucky because of my personal experiences with them, not to offend anyone. Even as I write this I’m sure that one or two of the people included in the 5% to not be offended will say something stupid to me. lol. It’s just the nature of the game.

I just need you all to do better. It’s my request because I love CardNation and want us to do be a better fan base. There are going to be arrogant fans who post statuses and say ignorant things to you. IGNORE THEM! The ones who are being stupid just want to get a rise out of you and say they got you. Or so they can justify their idiotic statements with Louisville fans call us crazy and they have just as many crazies as we do. 10 Years ago I could have argued that statement without blinking an eye. Now….I’m not so sure. So the next time any fan says something ignorant to you, throw up your L and don’t pay any attention to them. We are better than that…We are CardNation.

Jeremy (#55)

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