Blind Ignorance


OK Jeremy’s pet peeve for today- This is in no way directed towards the people I respect that cheer for Kentucky because there are a ton of Kentucky fans that I love and respect. I have just seen this ignorant statement from the ones I don’t and will now speak my feelings. “We lost to #2, who do you all play?” (Exhale,Inhale) We are in our Non-Conference portion of our schedule just like you. Most teams (99%) start off against the Hofstra’s, Longwood’s, Gardner-Webb or  Robert Morris’s of the world to build to their tough Non-conference games. Kentucky has to load their non-conference schedule up all the way through because they play in a conference that is so bad it ranks below the WCC, Big 12, Pac 12 and only .001 above the Mountain West. That’s good for 8th place. Not a knock on Kentucky, just their schedule. The AAC, that most of you uninformed people (on both sides) are calling soft, is ranked 3rd behind only the Big 10 and only .007 behind the Big East. We will play UConn twice, Memphis Twice, Houston twice, UCF twice and Cincy Twice…all better than the second best team in the SEC. In closing, we all play low caliber teams in the beginning of the season, Kentucky just knocked one of their hard 3 non conference games out first. They will be a great team too as will we, but don’t let your hate blind you from the truth. I don’t. -Jeremy out lol

Go Cards!

P.S.- Just seen this pic on when I googled uk fans and thought it was hilarious…it’s for the ones who don’t know basketball and were filling up my timelines with salty tears of ignorance

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