55. Not just a random number to me. It’s a number that has followed me around my life. It was always my number in any sports I played. Whenever I create players on games they are always 55. It’s the number that comes after 54. One day I hope to live to see the age of 55. All valid points. Today I monitored twitter a little more than often and noticed that its getting as bad as Facebook there. So many things going down in one day. So many gripes, so many issues. So I decided to put down a list of 55 things I observed today. Here we go in no particular order.

1) Some people would rather see us score 40 ppg and lose than to score 25 and win.

2) CardNation would love for the party deck to be shut down while games are going on.

3) A Twitter named @TotalBBmove exists and it followed me. So sick of these sites targeting me.

4) We really do need to pack the stadium and be in our seats once the game begins and stay until the end. Justin made valid points about this.

5) @NotWhatchaThink makes bacon before each game, enough said.

6) CardNation attacked each other for one telling me I was wrong, and I kind of liked it.

7) Someone once again tried Daryl and lost….when will they learn?

8) Stephen Garr thinks we should be proud of how far we have come in such a short time…and that one lady heckler is a bit nutrition deprived.

9) Turtle will be in Cincy last game of the year…..hide…your….everything.

10) CardChronicle cleared up the current QB controversy.

11) It was holding…not Pass Interference.

12) It is not ok to speed but it is ok to attack a person’s deceased grandmother or tell a singer you hope her career dies since she cheers for Louisville.

13) Matt Jones wants to destroy kids lives for no reason.

14) Matt Jones asked to speak at a UofL SPAD function.

15) Mario Urrutia signed to play with the Xtreme.

16) Adam Lefkoe is a homer (not really).

17) Kevin Ware drives fast.

18) Kevin Ware borrowed a car.

19) Kevin Ware missed court appointment.

20) 99% of BBN started dancing in the streets.

21) Kevin had his court date rescheduled prior.

22) They ignored this last fact.

23) WildcatCorey admitted to telling all truth, some of the time.

24) BricksDF calmed me down….I know.

25) Steve wanted more attention for his speeding….

26) People still really hate Chris Brown.

27) The Courier Journal has some good guys and some really awful ones too.

28)  When I tweeted that Kevin was a good kid, someone I didn’t know cursed at me at said Kevin was a thug. I told him Kevin was visiting dying kids. He responded yeah ones he ran over doing 95 in a 45.

29) BeastMode doesn’t like Cheesecake but loves when wifey saves money at Bath and Body Works…oh and hates that people still think he’s Montrezl Harrell.

30) I’m only on 30? Crap

31) They are kicking Preston and the guys graduating in December out of their dorms in December….I am not sure if this is accurate but who cares? It’s on the internet…gotta be true.

32) A lot of the Duke media I have met since announced that we will join ACC have been real nice…..

33) I am secretly befriending Duke media so that I can surprise attack them at media days….

34) It’s ok for certain coaches to tweet song lyrics, our players do it and its a death threat SON!

35) Coach Pitino continues to live the One Day Contract.

36) Coach Strong alluded to the fact Teddy may come back.

37) He gone.

38) People don’t believe I have never been pulled over for speeding.

39) I am the only person that has more than 20 uk fan friends who are sane.

40) The guy who talked about my deceased family member got mad when I told him he was wearing a smedium jacket and told me I was classless for being personal…this is real life.

41) He informed me I had 9 chins in my Avi, I only counted 2.

42) Matt Case owns Joey Wagner Group…………once again, not kidding a little.

43) Shawn is still watching vine loops of AD and still thinks whats in the video is wrong but not him watching it.

44) Jonah Bolden narrowed his list down to 7 and UL made the list.

45) The Coaches think our Basketball and Football teams are better than the media does.

46) Our Lady Cards are legit.

47) Our Men’s Soccer team opens up the Post-season Thursday at home vs Denver.

48) Elle Raiser really wants to box.

49) RIP Coach Henry.

50) Honey BooBoos grandma twitter stalks UL fans.

51) It was still holding.

52) Perrin is bilingual.

53) Keith Legree and Mike Davis are both on the same staff at TSU.

54) Raashaan feels REAL strong about College Basketball.

55) I would rather be 12-1 then 4-8 any day.

Until next time….Go Cards!

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