55 (Episode 2)


This week…..on 55…..

Ok so it’s not an actual show, yet a place to state facts and shoot down gripes. I don’t get angry, I express. Once again I shall share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. Hope you enjoy. Or not…it’s cool.

1) Me and Raashaan do NOT have sunshine shooting out of our rear ends. Nothing shoots out of there. Kinda wish money would. Nevertheless just because I don’t complain 24/7 doesn’t mean I’m too positive.

2) The Football team moved up one spot in the BCS to 20 this week…great progress for a season of dropping every week when we win.

3) The Men’s Basketball team lost a game……the world is over.

4) or not

5) The Women’s Basketball team showed once again that they are the BOOM girls by withstanding a 19-4 start to come back and defeat FSU. Hats off ladies.


6) Men’s Soccer lost in the NCAA tournament. This signifies that Cardinal Park is now finished. Twas a great venue for soccer, we bid you adieu.

7) Matz rhymes with dots.

8) Turtle almost paid for not coming over last night by watching his Patriots sweat out a victory…..he deserved it.

9) I want pizza.

10) It was real cold outside Saturday but we finally got to see Charlie win a Senior day game.

11) It was not a great turnout.

12) He noticed.

13) Stay until the clock hits 0:00.


14) BeastMode screamed and booed the fans that left early….I swear.

15) We allowed a ton of run outs yesterday vs UNC.

16) Fouls are only called one way all of the time, sometimes.

16) We are getting better at free throws.

18) Yeah I know I put 16 twice, just being a little negative to the number 17.

19) Told you it’s not all sunshine.

20) People will make fun of your dead relatives just to deflect negative vibes from their team.

21) I hate the add more tab.

22) My friends like to come over and eat all of my food for game watches then leave the fridge door open and ruin all my food….

23) You keep attacking her and Daryl will keep making you look like morons…

24) Kevin Ware paid his speeding ticket.

25) Days after it was made a much bigger deal than it should have been, another team got plagued with suspensions and dismissals.

26) One of those players participated in a game 2 days later.


27) Justin got feisty with someone on twitter…….and I liked it….lol

28) Teddy did not participate in Senior Day

29) Still gone…..or is he?

30) Crap it’s only 30?

31) Found out that Honey Mustard was granted one more year of eligibility.

32) Charity likes Alberto Dorito.


33) Rick Pitino and Roy Williams did a Guitar Hero Commercial…….in…..their……draws.

34) Larry O’Bannon.

35) I know 34 is not a fact but that’s what came to mind instantly after I typed 34.


36) Coach Strong WILL not leave for Florida.

37) UofL Volleyball has absolutely killed it since starting off 2-6……now 21-7 with lone loss at Wichita…OK you got us back…..curse you.

38) Memphis fans had zero faith in their team prior to the game.

39) Got great free home Baseball again this year……check CSZ for details.


41) 40 was Wayne Blackshears stat line from Saturday….


42) Still love you Wayne.

43) Perrin is still waiting to see Michael Dwyer.

44) RIP and prayers out Preston Brown’s Grandfather.

45) Matt Jones DOES care more about UL than Uk…or feels the same.

46) Matz Stockman was given a 3* ranking.

47) We fell to NINTH in both Basketball polls…..NINTH.

48) Onuaku was NOT on Twitter then he was.

49) Steve feels like there is nothing to see in the Chad Thomas visit announcement.

50) Somewhere, someone is blaming the temperature outside on the AP.

51) It was me…..

52) Otis George’s Pimp Boot lives on……


53) #BeatByeWeek #SomeTeamsStillLose


55) I would  still rather be 12-1 then 4-8 any day.


Until next time….Go Cards!

PS- Pimp Boot

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