55 (Episode 3)


This week…..on 55…..

55 is not a state of mind or a way to live life your life…yet. It is a place to state facts and shoot down gripes. I have logged a ton of hours in this week at the factory. (I don’t really work in a….nevermind) Once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. Hope you enjoy. Or not…it’s cool.

1) The football team had a bye week, we did not lose however did not win

2) we still dropped in the poll 2 spots

3) We dropped 2 spots after beating USF by 31


4) UCF barely defeated USF this past week and jumped 2 spots


5) I despise UCF

6) The Men’s Basketball team looked to get back on track by defeating previously undefeated Southern Miss 69-38

7) Yes we held a grown mans team to 38 points for an entire game

8) We had 34 at halftime


9) Thx Kev. The Volleyball Cards have been on a roll as well going 18-0 in conference. Despite this the Cards are not even receiving votes in the AVCA Poll.

10) Four of their seven losses were to the number 3,11,13 & 17th ranked teams in the country early on in the season.

11) AVCA Poll…you are now my enemy….go stand in the corner next to the AP Football poll…

12) Alabama and Auburn played in one of the greatest games ever Sunday

13) War Eagle

14) Kevin reported to Matt Jones that he paid his fine

15) That is who he reports to right?

16) #GetALifeBro


17) BeastMode believes all $2,000 bottles should come with a handshake, and dinner and something other than a bottle

18) There is still a slim chance for the Football Cards to get an At-Large spot in the BCS

19) like Calista Flockhart slim…..

20) ***Reminder, Turtle will be in Cincy for the game***

21)  Still hide everything

22) Chane’s ring was sold inappropriately

23) No It wasn’t

24) Yes it was

25) Who said?

26) Matt Jones

27) : /

28) My mom informed me that she “loves this 55 thing that you have been doing lately”

29) Told you I would tell everybody Mom……


30) Crap it’s only 30?

31) That’s never gonna get old

32) It’s already old

33) A packed house watched the UofL Women’s Basketball team fall to #7 uk Sunday. Great game by the ladies.

34) They do NOT like to be called the Lady Cards

35) Only 23 days until Christmas

36) David Levitch is #23


37) He reminds me of Jody Demling a little bit

38) Also reminds me of Foreman from that 70’s show.


39) Think about it you have never seen David and Foreman in the same place at the same time…

40) #Conspiracy

41) Justin and Steve have been holding it down while I have been working Overtime….apreesh

42) The Texans and Falcons are now projected to get the #1 spot in the NFL Draft and would be expected to take Teddy B if he was available

43) He still gone

44) Maybe not…

45) Stay Tuned

46) The Cardinal Football team will face Cincinnati Thursday night at 7:30 on ESPN


47) The Cards will look to improve to 11-1 with a victory

48) Greg Blair says F Louisville

49) Cincy President Santa J. Ono….yeah that’s his real name….. has this to say:

50) Your name is Santa

51) Two can play at that game

52) CardNation please refrain from using the letter C Thursday December the 5th……Go _ards! _rap,that ba_kfired


53) Ok use the letter, we won’t stoop to Santa’s level

54) Sorry Santa

55) I would STILL rather be 11-1 in the regular season than 4-8

Go Cards!

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