55 (Episode 4)


This week…..on 55…..

55 is not a state of mind or a way to live life your life…yet. It is a place to state facts and shoot down gripes. Once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. I worked nine straight 10+ hour days, however on my off day I think of you, my people. (Who am I…. Gandhi? maybe)


maybe not….enjoy….or not….whatevs..

1) First thing I want to say is Forget you Santa!!!!!! I told you that you were going down!!!


2) Not the real Santa though, Loooooooove Yoooooooou

3) The Cards had played UC a total of 52 times dating back to 1922 going into last year’s game with 0 overtime games…..We have now competed in and won 2 straight

4) UC Pres Santa J Ono asked for everyone to not you the letter L on Thursday December the 5th…..To that I respond WE WIN _OSERS

5) Oh we__

6) I forgot it’s not the 5th anymore….I digress

7) The Women’s Volleyball season abruptly ended Friday with a sweep to former conference foe and rival Marquette

8) Oddly enough the AAC doesn’t hold a conference tournament for Volleyball

9) I hate the AAC


10) Ha Take that AAC!

11) Oh we__

12) I keep forgetting

13) Tuesday night vs Wright State, UofL Women’s Basketball player Antonita Slaughter went down to what was referred to as a cardiac event. It was announced that they found a blood clot and she will be out the remainder of the season. Her career could be ended but most definitely CardNation is sending their prayers your way

14) They still don’t like being called the Lady Cards

15) The Men’s Basketball team finally scored 100 points in a game this week as they put up 113 vs the Ragin Cajuns’…..You know what that means?

16) Free Tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

free tacos

17) Justin took several minutes out of his day to explain to a guy we did not lose to CFU….

18) Turtle did go to Cincy and at least one of you did not hide your wife

19) With DeVante Parker’s 10 and 11th TD this year he passes himself, Anthony Cummings and Arnold Jackson for sole possession of 2nd on single season TD list. It also puts him in 3rd place in career TD’s with 27

20) Steve heard Sunday morning we would play Duke in the Russell Athletic Bowl…….He prayed all day…..We play Miami. Devine Intervention? Yes..that’s exactly what happened. Thx Bro! You too Steve……

21) We are going to the RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL!

22) Sarcasm much?

23) yeah I just taunted myself

24) #LikeABoss


25) Back on track….Teddy did a few things also Thursday

26) Teddy now with 28 passing TD’s passed last years total of 27 TD’s and is now two away from tying the single season record at UL (30)

27) He is now in sole possession of 4th place in Career TD’s with 69….Brian Brohm is in 3rd place all time with 71

28) Took all I had to not make a joke on a certain stat in the last one, this probably still counts as referencing it….crap

29) Trezl can dunk


30) It’s only…..nevermind we will retire that one

31) The Keg Of Nails will stay in Louisville FOREVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!


32) Or at least until we play them again

33) Luke Hancock has a combined total of 1,000 points in his collegiate career

34) Congrats Luuuuuuuuuuuke!

35) That’s 11 U’s in honor of Luke

36) Swimming and Diving added 2 National Championships to the UofL Trophy Case

37) Defending NCAA champion Joao De Lucca continued his dominance of the 200-free, winning the AT&T Short Course National Championship

38)  Kelsi Worrell won the 200-fly with a time of 1:54.12  at the AT&T Short Course National Championship

39) Go Water Cards!


40) Somewhere Shawn is dressed as the dancing banana STILL watching the AD video on loop replay….sorry bud, you asked for it

41) Only 19 more days until the Bowl game

42) Only 19 more days until the UL-uk Basketball game also

43) December 28th will be a great day…..

great day

44) Pointing puppies are always cute….almost did it again….CRAP!!!

45) The Cards remained at 16 in the Coaches poll…..after beating a top 25 team…..on the road…..in OT……Sounds right

46) Our guy @CrumsRevenge put out another great video, go check it out: http://thecrunchzone.com/video-2013-keg-of-nails-back-to-back/

47) BeastMode says: For $2,000 for a bottle……better serve me the drink also

48) CSZ will be on @TalkinNoiz every Thursday at Noon on 1080 AM

49) We WILL paint the town RED


50) Had to postpone the CardFam reunion at the Hall Of Fame Café Sunday…….made me sad inside. It will be rescheduled for this Sunday the 15th at noon

51) Everybody that loves the Cards is invited

52) Including @WildcatCorey : )

53) Hate You UCF!!! I really really do

54) This is the first season that Coach Strong has been here that we didn’t win at least a share of the Conference Championship……makes me sad…..Oh well

55) We ARE 11-1 and not 4-8….quit griping

PS- Don’t think I forgot about you eliminating our Volleyball team Marquette

I guess we are even

Go Cards!

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