55 (Episode 5)


This week…..on 55…..

The initial concept of 55 was: a) There was a ton of news that came out that weekend 2) it’s my favorite number (But Jeremy…I know). I would love to say the overwhelming positive response to it is a surprise, but it’s not. #Humble. I wanted to do something that would show CardNation who I really was. I really think that this does just that. So sit back and enjoy the modern day Mozart masterpiece that is……55.

P.S.-I like to exaggerate sometimes. Once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week.

1) The CardFam reunion yesterday was fun as always. Thanks to the Cardinal Hall Of Fame Café for hosting…or putting up with us once again. If you go there to eat I recommend the Ville Burger.

2) Great now I’m hungry

3) Hey @RussellAthBowl …..

4) howyoudoin

5) Gets em every time……..

6) See you on the 28th ; )

7) I’m trying to think of another concept to debut on the site after the first of the year…I will be asking you guys to help me name it and maybe even the concept itself.

8) No Shawn I will not call it Bootymeat ft AD

9) I also will not put it on loop….you will have to do that sir…..I digress

10) We at CardinalSportsZone.com are proud to announce that our own Steve Rummage has been selected to become a Crystal Ball selector for 247 Sports. Big ups



12) not that kind of Ups…..smh

13) Props though

14) 4* WR Isaiah Ford, 3* OL Kavaris Harkless, 3* RB LJ Scott, 3* WR Cameron Polk & JUCO DE Trevon Young all visited the Cards this weekend. Stay tuned to the site to see how those visits went

15) P.S. I bet they go great

16) 7 Football Cards were named first team all AAC this past week. Also Marcus Smith was named Defensive P.O.Y.

17) Teddy was not one of the first team selections

18) willis

19)  Arnold was wise

20) I still hate you AAC

21) A LOT

22) The defending National Champion basketball Cards beat the crap out of WKU yesterday 79-63. Russ Smith lead all UL scorers with 14 points and added 12 assists in the Cards only game in a week……..

23) Also Don’t forget

24) They Comin…..

They Comin

25) Sooooo worried

26) Don’t forget to check out our sponsor FansCloset.com for tons of deals on sweet UofL gear

27) A uk fan has stated he wants less emphasis on academic and more put on sports

28) Click here to see what his comment is to me…..

29) You are welcome Wikipedia for the page hits…..

30) I feel that it is my duty to let you guys know that I have worked a ton of hours the past few weeks and that some of these may not make sense

31) haha I said duty

32)my hanky

33) What am I…..5?

34) I really am losing it this week…oh well *shrugs*

35) Where’s Daryl??????

36) Grabs picture book to attempt to find….

37) CSZ will be on Talking Noiz every Thursday from Noon-1 talking about all things Cardinals and who knows what else

38) The Cards will be having color themed games again this season: a white out on Jan 9 vs #16 Memphis in our first AAC Conference home game and a Red Out on March 8 vs #9 UConn in what will be the final game of the season.

39) UConn’t touch this

40) Sorry : (

41) No I’m not

42) Hammertime

43) hammertime

44) I went too far….I digress

45) Crap its only 45? Haha! I only said I was retiring Crap  it’s only 30…..

46) 100% sure Justin’s still trying to convince that guy we did not lose to CFU

47) We also have a really cool feature on Howie Lindsey’s site called CSZ Notebook…check it out at CardinalSports.com….no Zone

48) If you guys have ever read anything I have said Teddy related you will know that I have always thought Teddy coming back had a 60% chance of happening. Now the national media is starting to think so as well after a summer of No’s……….

49) He would never….maybe he will….

50) Mom asked me if I had been naughty or nice this year so Santa would know what to bring me. She then asked if my brother and wife had been naughty or nice and if they had been naughty she would make sure Santa got me extra……

51) Tellinonyou

52) No moral dilemma there

53) Not even a little

54) Ok maybe a little

55) Nah

P.S.- We still remember………..

Go Cards!

P.S.S CSZ extends a very special congratulations to Mike Rutherford on him getting engaged. This surely leaves Steve as the only man in our industry that has not put a ring on it…

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