Friday evening updates on the Charlie Strong situation

Charlie Strong

My goal here is to make sure we do not post every single rumor that is out there, that is not what we are about. But it is also important to keep you posted on the things that we are hearing that are credible. So that is what we will do. Like I have said before, many people are not on social media or can not check it all day long, so people can’t keep up all the time. So here are some of the latest in this whole situation…

-Jody Demling is one of the closest media people to UofL. He told Tony Vanetti and Dave Jennings on the Afternoon Underdogs that he would put it at 60% that Charlie Strong is not the coach at UofL in a couple of days.

-Demling said that Chip Brown and is reporting that Texas wants a minority coach and that they are down to two people, Charlie Strong and James Franklin (Vanderbilt).

-Vanderbilt plays their bowl game on Saturday. So is Texas just waiting for that game to be over to name Franklin their coach?

-It is also being reported that Miami’s Al Golden could be offered the Penn State job, which some say is his dream job. We don’t know if he will take it, but if so, Miami is then open.

-Some people don’t think Miami could afford to pay Strong and his staff. Demling thinks he would jump at the chance to go there. So make your own decision with that one.

-Perrin Johnson on 1450 AM radio today said that per his sources, Texas will hire James Franklin.

-Charlie Strong was at the office today (at UofL) and held a staff meeting.

-This is a mess.

-The good news in all of this is that Tim Henderson has been put on scholarship.

Go Cards.

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