55 (Episode 8)


This week on 55………….

Time to take a deep breath in and out. This week on 55 I had planned to do a Teddy’s top play version of 55 seeing that he declared and we thought for sure that he was the only guy we would have to mourn this week. Clearly we were wrong. It’s OK though, don’t fret, I have decided to dedicate half to Teddy and half to all the people we have said “He Gone” to this week. When I first started saying “He Gone” it was as a harmless little joke. It has since taken a bigger spotlight in the past 10 days and I will pay homage to that. So once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week.


1) Teddy Bridgewater declared for the NFL draft on Jan 1st. Teddy is projected to be the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and will be sorely missed

2) We thought we will be ok without Teddy, Coach and Will can get us through this rough time

3) teddycool

4) #HeGone

5) Calvin Pryor declared for the NFL Draft last Monday. He is one of the hardest hitting guys I have ever seen here. He is projected to go late first, early second round in some publications. Congrats CP3

6) Calvin Pryor

7) #HeGone

8) Damian Copeland bypassed his 6th year of eligibility to go pro on Jan 2. I do not see any projections with him in it, but he is a consummate pro talent-wise and I do expect him to be playing on Sundays.

9) Damian Copeland Keg of Nails

10) #HeGone

11) Let’s go to basketball for our He Gone-a-thon for a moment. Chane Behanan was booted off the team for conduct detrimental to the team and is currently in Houston getting help and rehab from renowned basketball figure John Lucas. Chane, we at CardinalSportsZone.com as well as all of CardNation wish you the very best.

12) chane

13) #HeGone

14) Now we get to the biggest one, the shocker, the guy who wasn’t cut that way….Charlie Strong. A guy I respected, a guy I admired, a guy that brought our program from being Krapped on (You get it) to back to back double digit win seasons and a magical Sugar Bowl. Thank You Chuck

15) charlie

16) #HeLONGGone

17) Pun intended

18) Did we in fact trade the Year Of The Card in 2013 in for The Year of The Collapse?

19) Hope not

20) For me I am not mad that he left because Texas is a top 5 coaching job. I am mad because he lied to us all and the way he handled the situation.

21) Our recruiting class will suffer losses and there are kids he enrolled early that will have no choice to leave now. Just not a good example when you are a role model for young men

22) Breathe in and Breath out, got it

23) On Saturday in what seemed like the world’s longest non OT game ever, the reigning and defending National Champion Louisville Cardinals went up to the R.A.C. & played ugly Basketball. Russ Smith scored 22 points and No. 14 Louisville made 41 free throws in an 83-76 win over Rutgers in a foul-plagued game.

24) They were thinking about Charlie I’m sure

25) I digress

26) On Sunday Superman AKA Tom Jurich addressed the media about the Strong situation and was not mad about Charlie’s departure and stated he would find the best fit. #InJurichWeTrust


27) I hate Texas

28) Don’t forget to tune into Louisville’s hottest radio show that is all Cards all the time. @TalkinNOIZ is on M-F from Noon-1 hosted by the incomparable Lloyd Spence and features little ol’ CardinalSportsZone.com every Thursday. It could be Steve, it could be Justin, it could be me, it could be Daryl…you never know.

29) The University of Louisville men’s and women’s swim team swept Georgia Tech in Atlanta with the men’s team prevailing 191.5-70.5 and the women winning 202-60 in the first meet of the new year.

30) **Fun fact** I may have put the picture of the Hot Air Balloon in the header because it reminds me of a newly former coach

31) wronghorn

32) The song “Somebody That We Use To Know” comes to mind also

33) #WrongHorn

34) Did I mention that Lefkoe is leaving too?

35) #Homer

36) Now I shall move forward for a minute and discuss your favorite Teddy Bridgewater moments












48) Those are just a few of Teddy’s many, many contributions, Shout out to the fans for providing these fine examples

49) Shout out to me for not making fun of Shawn this week! yet

50) #AKACaptainFriendZone

51) So close………did I mention that I hate Texas for taking Teddy, Chane & Coach

52) Shoni Schimmel led the No. 7 Cardinals with 21 points in a 64-45 victory over Cincinnati on Saturday. Also in awesome news Antonita Slaughter was cleared to play basketball again…..God is Good

53) FYI My brother finally started to use his twitter…..smh. Follow him at @JoeWahman526

54) University of Louisville men’s soccer sophomore midfielder Marlon Hairston has signed a Generation Adidas contract and will enter the professional ranks through the 2014 Major League Soccer SuperDraft on Jan. 16 in Philadelphia, Pa.

55) Finally got my UofL room decorated after a year of having all of this good memorabilia, just gonna have to redo it in 6 months though….uggh!

***Video Of The Week***

One of my favorite Strong moments…..he will be missed

Go Cards!

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