Louisville coaching search should be done soon

Bobby Petrino 2

I have been getting updates and keeping up with the coaching search all day long. For those in my little circle of “Cards info” friends, you have been getting texts from me all day. We here at CSZ rarely reveal everything that we know, because sometimes it just isn’t our place to do so. So we discuss it with each other so we at least have someone to talk to it about and all be on the same page with information. But I realized that while some of us may have been tweeting some hints today, we really haven’t posted an update, so here we go.

From everything that I have seen today (Tuesday) and been hearing, I am 90% sure that our next head coach will be Bobby Petrino. I have seen two other people put a percentage out there, and I will just say that mine is the lowest if that tells you anything. And I only say 90% because there hasn’t been a press conference yet. So yes, I am pretty certain that Bobby is the guy.

There is also steam picking up that he would bring Gene Chizik with him as defensive coordinator and Randy Shannon to recruit and probably also help with some position on the defensive side of the ball. Other than lead Auburn to the 2010 National Championship, here are some other things Chizik has done: was defensive coordinator for a 13-0 Auburn team in 2004, defensive coordinator for Texas when they won the National Championship with Vince Young, and did you see the team that barely lost in the National Championship to Florida State on Monday night? Yeah, think about who recruited those guys. And Shannon was always known has a better recruiter than head coach at Miami. Those two would keep us in the state of Florida for sure.

Chad Morris, Clemson’s offensive coordinator, appears to be out of the discussion all-together. It is being said that he doesn’t have interest in the job. It is also being said that Tom Jurich called some guys on his list to tell them they would not be getting the job. So if you want to believe that he really has no interest, go for it.

Pat Narduzzi, defensive coordinator at Michigan State, seems to be the only name that has not been ruled out. But he may not need a specific reason to be ruled out anyway. This one appears to be Bobby’s to lose.

According to Eric Crawford, sources tell WDRB them that UofL will hold an Athletic Association meeting on Thursday morning. These are usually to finalize things before holding a press conference I believe.

So when it’s all said and done, look for Bobby Petrino to be the next head coach at the University of Louisville, and possibly have Gene Chizik as his defensive coordinator. Former Card Jeff Brohm will likely get the head coaching job at Western Kentucky as well.

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